Green and centrally located meeting location
Landgoed ISVW Landgoed ISVW Landgoed ISVW Landgoed ISVW Landgoed ISVW Landgoed ISVW

green and centrally located
near Utrecht by car in 2 minutes

free wifi
in all meeting rooms and hotel rooms

free parking
+ station shuttle from Amersfoort CS

How our customers have experienced their stay

Below a selection of  the reactions

Review Landgoed ISVW

SFA Architecten

We had have a fine day, partly by ISVW.
The location is pleasant and easy accessible, the employees were very friendly , helpful and very flexible.
The lunch was excellent, we will definitely be back. 

Fugro GeoServices B.V.
We have only heard positve messages about you!
The participants and the trainers were all very satisfied and found everything well organized.
There are no further comments for you.
Thanks for all good care!

Rezulto Onderwijsadvies B.V.

We have had a very pleasant stay with you. Regarding the training: the room was spacious enough and pleasant to work in. As for the accommodation: the rooms were excellent and the food was widely acclaimed. The service: very good. So...awesome and we will be back for sure.

Danielle Braun - Organisatiecultuur & Leiderschap

Workshop "Uplevel je Zakelijk Charisma" 
We have had a very pleasant meeting. A pleasant arrival (nice that someone at the conference rooms is present that early). My computer mouse batteries were empty, immediately I got new ones from the reception. Lovely lunch; flexibel dat we buiten konden lunchen i.v.m. het mooie weer. The preliminary process was pleasant, the number of course participants could easily be increased on the day it self. I can not hink of any improvement.
The trainees liked the location, one student thought it was kind a small. I do not agree with her opinion.
In short; I am happy with the choise for the ISVW and I would like to continue the collaboration for a long process for 'de academie voor organisatiecultuur'.

'With passion and pleasure at work'

On june the 18th we gave the above workshop at Landgoed ISVW in Leusden. Our experience in a few words: a very attrictive location, well equipped training room (with French doors to the outside terrace and garden), a decidedly pleasant care and friendly attention of the staff. Whether it was a question about the delicious lunch or help with the connection of our equipment to the beamer, nothing was too much. In short: thank you very much on behalf of the trainers ' Happy People'.

Hier Mode bv

 Wij hebben uw faciliteiten als plezierig ervaren.

  •  de zaal was plezierig en licht
  • fijne buitenomgeving
  • goed bereikbaar
  • prettige medewerkers
  • de inwendige mens werd prima verzorgd; heerlijke lunch
  • éen collega vond het gebouw wat somber overkomen
    In de offerte fase ondervond ik wat onduidelijkheden over de prijsstelling, echter met plezierige hulp van uw medewerkers kwamen we daar snel uit.

De cursus was erg boeiend, de docenten ontzettend goed, de omgeving en de accommodatie zijn zeker een tien waard. Kortom, alles klopte.

Vriendelijke medewerkers, ook tijdens de cursusdagen is ze niets teveel.

De dagen zijn van 's morgens tot  's avonds gevuld met kwalitatief goede cursussen, maar ook het eten en de hotelaccommodatie is meer dan goed.