Brouwer room

Prof. dr. L.E.J. Brouwer (1881 -1966), mathematician and mystic, belonged in 1916 with Frederik van Eeden to the founders of the ISVW. He is mostly known as the founder of intuitionism, a flow within the foundations of mathematics in which mathematics is considered to be a mental construction of the human. For him mathematics was 'an on sensory internal architecture , simular to music or poetry'.

‘The world is in passivity a wonderful garden and happiness and silence. There is no seperation , no reality and no one wants anything.’

Demensions: 6.4 x 7 m

Possible number of chairs

  • theatre style: 40
  • carré style: 29
  • U-shape style: 13
  • cabaret style: 25

Airconditioning is present