About us

In 1916 the Internationale School voor Wijsbegeerte was founded in Amersfoort, a refuge for research into worldview and attitude for life. Several large (international) thinkers make their appearance at the ISVW in the following years, such as Berlage en Emmanuel Levinas. An impressive list that makes clear that the history of the ISVW is the history of philosophy in the 20th and 21st centuries. In 1996 we won the prize for the humanities from the Bernardfonds.

After more than 100 years still topical
Thousands of interested people have found their way to the ISVW in recent years and have enjoyed conferences and symposiums. We offer educations, courses in weekends and summerschools, pimary and vocational training and company training, current debates with social organizations and training for government and politics. With the best contemorary thinkers, the mission of our philosophical institute is still alive after more than 100 years!

Maintained with private mans
The ISVW is a social organization without support of public funds. Our income includes the rental of facilities to third parties, course fees and training for business and government contributions, donations and legacies. All income from the conference hotel benefits the practice philosophy.