Prof.dr. C.A. Mennicke (1887-1959) joined in 1931 for the first time in de ISVW, after his escape from Germany of which he became Director in 1935. In 1941 began for him a long 'prison Odyssey’, ending in the Sachsenhausen camp. After the war he returned to the ISVW back and he was director until 1952, when he could resume his Professorship in Frankfurt. He expressed a very personal stamp on the School, performed frequently as inspiringspeaker on and knew numerous foreign speakers on the ISVW to bind.

‘The human being is an open puzzle in this world and there is no indentifiable body, which could solve that puzzle for him.’

Dimensions: 7.7 x 8.8 m

Possible number of chairs

  • theatre style: 70
  • carré style: 28
  • U-shape style:  23
  • cabaret style:40

Airconditioning is present