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green and centrally located
near Utrecht by car in 2 minutes

free wifi
in all meeting rooms and hotel rooms

free parking
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Business lunch & dining

Daily changing 3-course menu

We serve our guests a daily changing 3-course menu composed of daily fresh products. In addition, you can also choose from the following menu suggestions (from 8 persons) or deliciopus buffets (from 20 persons). In addition to these opportunities , we also have a a la carte menu (up to 8 persons) and a small menu. Dogs are not allowed in our restaurant.

Care for the ingredients and provenance 

We are careful with the purchase of our products:

  • vegetables and herbs are as many possible organic
  • Fish is responsible bred or line caught and fitted with MSC eco label
  • Poultry has the “label rouge’ quality mark. Free range meat from France
  • Lberico pork is from Spain or Livar from the Netherlands. Both free range meat
  • Milk products are organic

Menu suggestions

If you prefer to compose a menu, you can chosse from the options below. You decide which dishes and how many dishes you choose. It is intented to create one menu for the whole group.


Thinly sliced beef tenderloin marinated in tarragon alceto balsamic vinegar with a bonbon of Italian ham, with finely shaved Manchego
Thinly sliced smoked duck breast with confit duck legs and a compôte od red onion
Terrine of salmon mousse, nori en prawns with a spumante of Dutch shrimps
Mousse of spicy Roma tomato and goat cheese on a salad of spiach leaves


Bright lobster broth with a poached quail egg and a coquille
Oxtail soup with green herbs and thinly sliced spring onion with Madeira sauce

Main courses Fish

Monkfish fillet wrapped in smoked bacon on a mousseline with arugula with a sauce of white wine tarragon
Pike-perch filet with a skewer of prawn and grilled peppers on sun dried tomato and oyster mushrooms

Main courses Meat

Roulleau of country chicken with a filling of poultry green beans and truffle on a mousseline Santé-potato with a tarte tartin of chicory 
Grilled veal medaillon served with a crispy bundle of mushrooms
with gravy made from red port and rosemary

Main courses Vegetarian

Home made ravioli with a filling of mushrooms, nuts and cambonzola
Chachouka; stewed mediterranean vegetables with baked polenta


Crème Brulée of orange, lime and kumquats with a terreine fresh fruit and a scoop of refreshing sorbet ice
cylinder of farmers ice cream with caramelized apple and a crsipy fried biscuit with fruit
Various kinds of cheese, meadow honey, white grapes and nut bread
Terrine of sorbet ice cream and marzipan with marinated fruits and mango coulis


3 course € 35,00 per person
4 course € 39,50 per person
5 course € 43,50 per person

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We have made various buffets for you, fitting on various occasions and times. Also here it is possible, if you wish, the dishes to exchange among themselves. Our chef likes to make a suitable proposal for you. We serve buffets from 20 people.

Ham buffet

Hot ham
Which will be cut by one of our chefs at the buffet
French fries and potato gratin
Salad of new potatoes and fresh herbs
Different types of raw vegetable salads
Grilled vegetables
Fresly baked baguette & herb/garlic butter

 € 26,00 per person

Stews buffet

Leidse hutspot
Carrots, white beans and parsnips
Hete bliksem
Potatoes, sour and sweet apples and apple syrup
Potato, kale, smoked bacon and cashewnuts
Stew of Brussels sprout, apple and curry
Spicy meatballs
Smoked sausage and fried bacon
Mustard, pickles and pearl onions

€ 27,50 per person

Above written is just an axample for the various buffets we have

                                                              Also barbecue buffets are possible

naar boven


Coffee, espresso € 2,25

Bavaria Malt, bottle

€ 2,25

Cappuccino € 2,50 Brand, draftbeer

€ 2,50

Tea € 2,25 Palm

€ 3,50

Chocolatemilk € 2,50 La Trappe Weizen

€ 4,00

Cola, Cola light € 2,25 Duvel

€ 4,50

Sourcy rood € 2,25 Housewine red/white

€ 4,00

Seven Up, Sinas € 2,25 Port

€ 3,50

Rivella € 2,25 Sherry

€ 3,50

Cassis € 2,25 Vermouth

€ 3,50

Fresh orange juice € 2,50 Whisky

starting from € 4,00

Apple juice € 2,50 Cognac

starting from € 4,50

Grape juice € 2,50 Jenevers

starting from € 3,00

Smoothie € 2,75 Distilled abroad

starting from € 4,50

 House wine bottle  € 24,50 Dutch liqueurs   starting from  € 4,00
    Foreign liqueurs

starting from € 4,50


Suggestions for (fried) garnishes

Garnishes cold € 2,75 p.p.

Provencal cheese pretzels
Marinated cherry tomatoes stuffed with cheese
Marinated olives

Garnishes warm € 4,00 p.p.

(3 pieces p.p.)
Different fried snacks,
to give you an impression from which this can be:
Beef 'bitterballen'
Veal 'kroketjes'
Cheese snacks
Prawn in Filo pastry
Spicy minced meat snacks

Garnishes luxury  € 4,75 p.p.

(4 pieces p.p.)
Various luxurious hot and cold snacks,
To give you an impression from which this can be:
Wraps with a spicy herb cheese mousse
Stacker of cornbread, home smoked chicken breast and 'Treeker' ham
A little glass of fish mousse and a marinated gamba
Strips of marinated cucumber with smoked salmon and sour cream
Baked cherry tomatoes with goat cheese and artichoketapenade
Fried scampi
Deep fried cheddar snack

Cheesebuffet € 12,75 p.p.

Instead of snacks we can also offer you our cheese/paté buffet at your festive meeting. A combination of garnishes and our cheese/paté buffet belong to the possibilities.

Our cheese buffet consists five Dutch and foreign cheese and five types of pate . This buffet is served with freshly baked French bread,rye bread,butter and Cumberlandsauce

Questions about the menu?

For questions please ask our chef through or by phone you can call 033-4650700.